Spierings launch mobile tower crane SK387-AT3 City Boy

Spierings mobile tower crane SK387-AT3 City Boy

Spierings mobile tower crane SK387-AT3 City Boy

On September 16th I was invited to attend the open day of the mobile tower crane manufacturer Spierings in Oss. During Friday and Saturday of that weekend the crane manufacturer has celebrated its 25th company anniversary.

That is why Spierings had invited customers, employees and friends for a two day celebration and open day to its headquarter and production facilities in Oss, Netherlands. The outstanding highlight of the celebration was the official launch of a completely new mobile tower crane.

Tour through the mobile tower crane production

All visitors of the open day were welcomed at the main assembly hall of the Spierings workshop. The people from Spierings had prepared a tour through the complete workshop which started at the main assembly hall. Following the tour one could get an insight of the different stages of the well arranged production process each mobile tower crane is passing through.

The tour gave a good impression about how a mobile tower crane is build. In the welding station for instance, one could see how the steelwork was done starting with simple steel mats and parts. Off course this factory is not comparable to the Liebherr crane facilities I have visited in June, but I have seen a real fine and clean factory for machine construction.

Official launch of mobile tower crane SK387-AT3 City Boy

Spierings mobile tower cranes on parade

Spierings mobile tower cranes on parade

At the end of the tour the visitors came to the testing yard where many mobile tower cranes from the Spierings production range were arranged for a great mobile tower crane parade.

On display were mobile tower crane types

  • SK377-AT3
  • SK498-AT4
  • SK599-AT6
  • SK1265-AT6
  • SK2400-AT7
  • SK2400R
    (see picture gallery below)

In the midth, surrounded by all the other cranes, the new SK387-AT3 City Boy was placed. Though the SK387-AT3 was already displayed as concept on Bauma 2010, this was the first time that it was shown in complete function.

The SK 387-AT3 offers a maximum working radius of 36 meters and 28,5 meters of height under hook with a horizontal boom. Luffing the boom to 45° the new mobile tower crane has a lifting height of 53,75 meters with a maximum lifting capacity of 1,5 tonnes at 25,8 meters working radius. The maximum lifting capacity of the crane is 7 tonnes up to 10 meters working radius.

One very special thing about the City Boy is the one cabin design. Driving as well as the crane work is done from one cabin only. For the crane work the cabin can be elevated. Off course this mobile tower crane can be completely moved also with a remote control.

Other outstanding technical features of the SK387-AT3 are a completly new Eco drive power train and a new designed erection procedure.

Mobile tower crane ballet and parade

As a perfect demonstration of working with mobile tower cranes in restricted areas the Spierings staff has created a special crane ballet. On the show all mobile tower cranes on the parade were erected in a synchronised process with only one remote control. Once all cranes were erected you could see a very tight entanglement of booms and jibs. But everything worked out perfect.

Picture gallery of Spierings mobile tower cranes on the open days

Below I’ve added a large gallery with many pictures from the Spierings open days. A click on the thumbnail will open the picture in high resolution (long loading time!). Have fun! If you like what you see or if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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