125 years Baumann Heavy Haulage, Congratulations!

125 Years Baumann heavy haulage

125 Years Baumann heavy haulage, celebrated with an amazing customer day in Bornheim

Last Saturday one of the biggest heavy haulage companies in Germany and Europe has celebrated a remarkable milestone in the company history. Approx. 1000 customers, suppliers and friends were invited to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Baumann heavy haulage at a customers day held at the corporate headquarter in Bornheim (Picture gallery at the bottom).

Customer day with crane and heavy haulage exhibition

It was a real huge event that I had the pleasure to attend. The company yard was transformed into a big exhibition area where one could see the literally big highlights of equipment which make Baumann to one of the big players in heavy haulage and cranage.

Baumann customer day 2013

Baumann customer day 2013

Already visible from far away was the biggest mobile crane in the fleet: The Liebherr LTM 1500-8.1. The crane was setup with full main boom of 50 m and full luffing jib of 91 m. With the attached man basket the visitors could get a lift up to a height of 140 m and could enjoy the nice view across the landscape of Bonn and Cologne (At least those who do not suffer from acrophobia ;)).

Off course many other mobile cranes were shown too. The smallest one was a Demag V72, the newest ought to be the Terex Challenger. The second largest crane on display was the Liebherr LTM 1250-6.1 with a telescopic main boom of 72 m.

Vessel bridge for ultra heavy haulage

Absolutely not as high but even more massive and eye catching was the big red vessel bridge manufactured by Greiner. It was rigged in a combination with 2 x 14 axle lines. Before that day I have only seen pictures of it. But these don’t give any impression about the real dimension of the vessel bridge. It is simply amazing huge!

Other trucks and trailers were displayed in a parade of numerous heavy haulage vehicles. Many highly polished (as always) Mercedes prime movers were shown in various combinations with trailers of any size and kind. With a live show of a 16-axle combination of self propelled modular transporters (SPMT) Baumann has demonstrated the amazing maneuverability of these special heavy transporters.

Heavy assembly division

The heavy assembly division has been showing a hydraulic gantry lifting a SPMT module and a hydraulic skidway moving a Liebherr LTM 1030-2.1.

Baumann scale model exhibit

For the young and the grown up kids Baumann had organized an exhibition of scale models of cranes, truck and trailers in their corporate livery. Many scale model enthusiasts have shown their self built and painted Baumann models in scale 1:87, 1:50 and even larger models.


Beside watching all of the amazing technical stuff I had the pleasure to have many personal talks with the hosts and many other guests. Overall I had a real nice time on a perfectly planned and organised customer day. Thanks for the invitation and I look forward for the 250th anniversary. 😉

Picture gallery of Baumann Customer day 2013

The picture gallery below will show you many impressions of the Baumann customer day from last Saturday. A click on the thumbnail will open the picture in highres (long loading time!). Enjoy! If you like you can also enter some congratulations for Baumann in the comment section below.

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