TDKv offers CAD drafting service

CAD drafting of access platforms

Customized CAD drafting of access platforms

In May this year it is going to be the three year anniversary of TDKv´s highly skilled CAD draftswoman. The intention of installing our own workplace for CAD drafting has initially been to set higher standards for our equipment guides and to improve the quality of crane and truck drawings we use for the customers guides.

As an additional benefit we wanted to shorten the delivery time for the printers copies. Our draftswoman starts the drafting of needed trucks, fork lifts and access platforms drawings for each project at the same time when we start the general setup. Now these steps are done mostly parallel and not one after the other anymore. Right from the start our CAD drafting has had a very pleasant development.

Customers asking for CAD drafting

Customized CAD drafting of spreader beams and heavy lifting equipment

Customized CAD drafting of spreader beams and heavy lifting equipment

When the first CAD block of mobile cranes were finished we additionally offered the side views and top views for sale in our blog and on our website. Customers were asking for CAD drawings of mobile cranes in order to use it for their crane lift plan and job site planning.

After a short while we received a first order for the drafting of order related CAD blocks. A big manufacturer of wind turbines asked us to draft booms and sections for several bigger telescopic and crawler cranes. Read more about this CAD drafting order in this blog post.

Further inquiries and orders from other customers followed. Since then our draftswoman has drafted many mobile cranes, heavy haulage equipments like trucks and trailers, several fork lifts and access platforms upon customers order.

In September 2011 we have delivered CAD drawings of a Liebherr LTM 1400-7.1 on very short term for the engineers who were in charge of the recovery of the overturned crane at the National Cathedral in Washington DC. Another customer has just send us a bunch of hand made drafts of his companies spreader beams in order to get it properly drafted in AutoCAD. I didn’t expect this at all when we started our CAD drafting in 2009.

CAD blocks of mobile cranes for immediate download

Another result from our CAD drafting work was launched in October 2011. After one and a half years of development and preparation we have started our own download store for CAD drawings of mobile cranes. Since then CAD blocks for nearly all current and many older mobile cranes from the main crane manufacturers like Liebherr, Terex-Demag, Grove and Tadano Faun are available on just a mouse click on

TDKv officially launches CAD drafting service for heavy machinery and equipment

All the response and inquiries from our customers during the last three years brought me to the decision to start a CAD drafting service as a further major service in our portfolio. By mid January we have officially launched and published our specialised CAD drafting service on our website. Further advertising will follow.

Whenever you need a professional CAD drawing for

  • Mobile cranes (side view, top view, booms, jibs, masts, attachments, hook blocks, etc)
  • Heavy haulage equipment (trucks, prime movers, tractors, trailers, flatbeds, SPMT, modules, dollies, etc)
  • Heavy lift & rigging equipment (hydraulic gantries, strand jacks, lifting towers, spreader beams, mats, etc)
  • Access platforms / MEWP (side view, top view, working range diagram, etc)
  • Fork lifts and telescopic handler (side view, top view, attachments, working range diagrams, etc)
  • any other piece of equipment

we will help and assist you. Simply send us your copies, drafts or scans by email or fax. We will return to you with our free estimation of costs. Let us convert your sketch(es) into proper and clean CAD blocks.

Visit our website to get more information about our CAD drafting service. »


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Carsten Thevessen is founder and owner of TDKv is specialised in the production of customized crane load charts and equipment guides for crane hire, access hire and heavy haulage companies.

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